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Tom Selleck Recalls Dancing with Princess Diana at the White House State Dinner in 1985

Tom Selleck Recalls Dancing with Princess Diana After Her Famous Dance with John Travolta

In 1985, John Travolta had the honor of dancing with Princess Diana at the White House state dinner. The moment became iconic, but it also led to rumors about a potential romance between the two. Luckily, Tom Selleck was there to rescue the princess from any further gossip.

In his memoir, “You Never Know,” Selleck shared his experience of that evening. He revealed that he, Travolta, and Clint Eastwood were the only three actors invited to celebrate Diana and Prince Charles. Selleck admitted feeling anxious to meet the royals but was pleasantly surprised by how charming and graceful Diana was that night.

After dinner, everyone moved to the East Room for music and dancing. President Ronald Reagan and Princess Diana took to the dance floor, with Charles dancing with Nancy Reagan. Then, Travolta and the princess began dancing.

However, moments later, Selleck and Eastwood were approached by a woman who expressed concern about Travolta and Diana dancing together again. She didn’t want to start rumors. The woman insisted that Selleck step in and replace Travolta.

Selleck vehemently refused, declaring that he wouldn’t cut in on John Travolta’s dance with the princess. The woman was not pleased but told Selleck to join her for the next dance instead.

Nervous about following Travolta’s performance, Selleck was relieved when the song turned out to be a slow number. He apologized to Diana for his dancing skills, describing her as lovely and shy despite her conversational expertise.

As Selleck danced with Diana, his wife Jillie Mack hit the dance floor with Prince Charles. Apparently, Charles was grateful to have someone who didn’t step on his toes like the First Lady’s friends did. He even asked Jillie for a second dance. Selleck’s friend Clint Eastwood took over for him, allowing Selleck to dance with Nancy Reagan.

Reflecting on the famous dance in 2021, Travolta referred to it as a fairytale. He admitted feeling honored to have had the privilege of dancing with Diana and believed there must have been a reason for it. The energy in the room and Diana’s reaction to his invitation made the moment feel like a dream.

In conclusion, Tom Selleck’s memoir provides a firsthand account of the events surrounding John Travolta’s dance with Princess Diana. It sheds light on the star-studded evening and the interactions between the actors and the royal couple. Selleck’s insights offer a deeper understanding of the night’s atmosphere and the genuine connections formed between the guests.

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