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Inside the Student Movement for Gaza: Divestment from Companies Profiting from Human Rights Violations

“A New Sense of World-Building”: Inside the Student Movement for Gaza

The student movement for Gaza has gained momentum across college campuses in the United States, with Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, being one of the few schools to reach a deal with protesting students. These demonstrations have spread to over 154 campuses nationwide, as students demand divestment from companies that profit from human rights violations and the occupation of Palestinian territories. In this special episode of Intercepted, politics reporter Prem Thakker and freelance writer Gillian Goodman provide an in-depth analysis of the campus protests and the students’ demands.

The Campus Protests and Divestment Demands:
Prem Thakker, a politics reporter for The Intercept, delves into the campus protests and the students’ call for schools to sever financial ties with Israel and weapons makers. This movement aims to hold institutions accountable for their investments in companies that contribute to gross human rights violations and the occupation of Palestinian territories. By demanding divestment, students hope to exert pressure on these companies and promote ethical investment practices.

The Columbia University Protest Encampment:
Gillian Goodman, a freelance writer and journalism graduate student at Columbia University, provides a firsthand account of the protest encampment at Columbia. This encampment served as an inspiration for similar demonstrations nationwide before it was forcefully dismantled by the police. Goodman highlights the determination and resilience of the student protesters, who were united in their commitment to raising awareness about the plight of Gaza and advocating for justice.

The Impact of Student Protests:
The student movement for Gaza has sparked a new sense of world-building among young activists. Through their protests and demands for divestment, students are challenging the status quo and pushing for change. Their actions have drawn attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the role of corporations in perpetuating human rights violations. By mobilizing on college campuses, these students are amplifying their voices and creating a platform for dialogue and action.

The Need for Ethical Investment Practices:
The student demands for divestment highlight the importance of ethical investment practices. Universities and colleges have a responsibility to ensure that their investments align with their values and do not contribute to human rights abuses. By divesting from companies involved in the occupation of Palestinian territories, institutions can send a powerful message and contribute to the broader movement for justice and accountability.

The student movement for Gaza has brought the issue of divestment to the forefront of campus activism. Evergreen State College’s agreement with protesting students is a significant step towards holding institutions accountable for their investments. The protests at Columbia University and other campuses have demonstrated the determination and resilience of young activists in their fight for justice. Through their actions, these students are reshaping the narrative surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and advocating for ethical investment practices. The student movement for Gaza serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that grassroots activism can have in bringing about meaningful change.

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