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Karen Read Murder Trial: Testimony Reveals O’Keefe’s Relationship and Bar Surveillance Video

Testimony continued in the Karen Read murder trial in Dedham, Massachusetts, with several of John O’Keefe’s friends taking the stand. One of them, Michael Camerano, testified in the morning and remained on the stand while prosecutors presented surveillance video taken at a bar hours before O’Keefe’s death. Camerano’s wife also testified later in the day, followed by another friend. These witnesses provided insight into Read’s relationship with O’Keefe and recounted a night of drinking with the couple prior to O’Keefe’s body being discovered.

Prosecutors have alleged that Read, a 44-year-old woman from Mansfield, killed O’Keefe with her car and abandoned him in a snowbank after an argument. At the time of the incident, Read and O’Keefe were dating. Read has pleaded not guilty to charges including second-degree murder, with her defense team claiming that she is being framed.

During the trial, several Canton police officers testified, including Canton police Lt. Charles Rae. Assistant District Attorney Adam Lally showed dash cam video from Rae’s cruiser, which captured Read’s car parked in O’Keefe’s driveway hours after he was found unresponsive in Canton. The video also revealed damage to the right rear tail light of Read’s car. The prosecution believes this video will help convince the jury that Read’s tail light was broken when she backed into O’Keefe, countering the defense’s claim that the police broke it to frame her.

In response to the video evidence, Read’s defense attorney, Alan Jackson, stated that the defense was aware of the cracked tail light and that it would not pose a problem for their case.

Michael Camerano, a civilian witness and friend of O’Keefe, testified about his close relationship with O’Keefe and how their children interacted. He revealed that they had spent time together at a bar called CF McCarthy’s on the night before O’Keefe was found in the snow. Text messages between O’Keefe and Camerano were presented as evidence, along with surveillance footage from the bar showing O’Keefe and Read interacting. The video depicted O’Keefe without a winter coat, despite a winter storm outside, and showed Read kissing him before she ordered a drink. Camerano left the bar before O’Keefe and Read, but he stated that their relationship seemed normal and caring, contradicting any suggestion of a heated argument.

Katherine Camerano, Michael’s wife, testified after her husband. She described her family’s relationship with O’Keefe and Read, explaining that their children would occasionally spend the night at each other’s houses. On the morning of O’Keefe’s death, Read called Katherine at work, screaming for her husband’s whereabouts. Later, Katherine received a text from Read stating simply, “He’s dead.”

Another friend of O’Keefe, Kurt Roberts, took the stand and testified that he had been drinking with O’Keefe and Michael Camerano on the night in question. He briefly interacted with Read at the bar but did not witness any signs of trouble or intoxication. After Roberts left, the couple allegedly moved to Waterfall Bar & Grill.

Rebecca Trayers, a bartender at Waterfall Bar & Grill, testified as the prosecution’s 20th witness. Nicholas Kolokithas, who was present at the bar on the night of O’Keefe’s death, followed Trayers. Kolokithas stated that he did not witness any arguments between O’Keefe and Read during their time at the bar. Surveillance video from Waterfall Bar & Grill was presented as evidence.

Karina Kolokithas, Nicholas’s wife, was the final witness of the day. The trial is ongoing, and more updates are expected.

The testimonies from O’Keefe’s friends and the surveillance videos have shed light on the events leading up to his death. While the prosecution aims to establish that Read intentionally killed O’Keefe, the defense maintains that she is being framed. The trial will continue as the prosecution presents further evidence and witnesses.

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