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Police report incident of woman attacking disabled man and attempting to steal crutch outside market on Houston’s east end

In an alarming incident that occurred outside a convenience store on Houston’s east end, a disabled man was brutally attacked by a woman who also attempted to steal his crutch. The 63-year-old victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, was fortunate to escape with only minor injuries. The entire incident was captured on video surveillance, and now the Houston police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

The surveillance footage from DJ Supermarket on Harrisburg Boulevard shows the unidentified woman repeatedly hitting the disabled man and trying to snatch his crutch. Many may question why the victim did not let go of the crutch, but his family reveals that he feared the woman would use it as a weapon to inflict fatal harm. Despite wanting to maintain his anonymity, the victim hopes that releasing the video will aid the police in apprehending the assailant.

According to Houston law enforcement, the suspect is believed to be a woman in her thirties. The victim, a regular customer at the convenience store, was greeted by her when he arrived. Gonzalo Soriano, an eyewitness to the attack, was shocked when the woman suddenly appeared and began assaulting the man. He recalls that she did not utter a single word throughout the incident.

Soriano, who is also disabled, could only watch helplessly as the assailant threw his friend to the ground using his own crutch. Overwhelmed with fear, Soriano believed that he might be her next target. “I felt it was possible she was going to hit me too,” he shared.

Fortunately, an employee inside the store noticed the unfolding attack through the surveillance cameras and promptly alerted the Houston police. However, by the time officers arrived at the scene, the woman had already fled.

The investigation is ongoing, and law enforcement is urging anyone with information about the incident or the suspect to come forward. As of now, no leads have been identified. To stay updated on this developing story, follow Alex Bozarjian on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Incidents like these serve as reminders of the importance of vigilance and the need for communities to come together to ensure the safety of all its members. Acts of violence, especially against vulnerable individuals, cannot be tolerated, and it is crucial that we support law enforcement efforts in bringing the perpetrator to justice.

As the search for the suspect continues, the hope is that the release of the surveillance footage will lead to her identification and eventual arrest. Houstonians must stand united against such senseless acts, sending a message that violence will not be tolerated within their city.

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