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Christian Bishop Who Was Stabbed Addresses Online Censorship and Humanity’s Current State

Christian Bishop Who Was Stabbed Addresses Online Censorship and Humanity’s Current State

In a powerful and emotional speech, Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel addressed the Australian government and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, highlighting the importance of free speech and the dangers of online censorship. The bishop, who recently suffered eye injuries during an attack while live-streaming a sermon, called for a reevaluation of the values that the Western world claims to fight for.

Bishop Emmanuel began his speech by expressing his disbelief at the notion that free speech is considered dangerous in a democratic country. He emphasized that every human being, regardless of their beliefs, has the right to express themselves. The bishop acknowledged the potential for offensive speech but argued that it is through criticism and open dialogue that society can progress intellectually and civically.

He questioned the idea that censorship should be implemented to avoid the “dramas and dilemmas” caused by freedom of speech. According to Bishop Emmanuel, such measures undermine democracy, humanity, integrity, morals, ethics, and the very principles that the Western world has championed. He urged society to uphold these values and not succumb to the fear of offensive speech.

Furthermore, the bishop highlighted a crucial aspect that he believes the Western world has failed to address: the purpose of human existence. While Western societies excel in protecting human rights and assigning value to various aspects of life, they have neglected to provide a sense of purpose. Bishop Emmanuel argued that without understanding the purpose of being human, true value cannot be achieved.

To discover this purpose, he called for a return to spirituality and a reconnection with a “true divine God.” The bishop stressed the importance of love, respect, and learning from knowledgeable individuals, including scientists and professors. He believed that only by understanding the core values and purpose of humanity can society overcome its tendency to abuse and neglect one another.

Bishop Emmanuel’s speech resonated with many who value freedom of speech and recognize the need for a deeper understanding of human purpose. His courage in addressing the Australian government and speaking out against online censorship has sparked a larger conversation about the balance between protecting individuals from harm and preserving the fundamental rights of expression.

As debates surrounding online censorship and the limits of free speech continue to unfold, it is essential to consider the values that underpin our societies. While finding a balance is undoubtedly challenging, Bishop Emmanuel’s words serve as a reminder that true progress lies in open dialogue, critical thinking, and a quest to understand our purpose as humans. Only by embracing these principles can we create a society that values both freedom and integrity.

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