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Joe Biden’s portrayal as ‘decent’ by media and celebrities does not align with reality

Joe Biden’s portrayal as ‘decent’ by media and celebrities does not align with reality, according to a recent Gallup poll. Despite this, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner turned into a flattering event for Biden, with comedian Colin Jost praising his “decency” in a gushing tribute. However, the article argues that Biden’s actions and statements contradict this portrayal.

The article highlights Biden’s inappropriate stump speech at the event, where he lied about Donald Trump and urged the media to fight against “disinformation.” The author points out that Biden himself is a leading source of disinformation. Biden’s lies about Trump, such as claiming he wanted to be a dictator on day one, are debunked by the article. Biden’s call for journalists to report “truth over lies” is criticized, as there is nothing decent about a president who lies and gaslights the American people.

The article goes on to list various actions and behaviors that contradict Biden’s supposed decency. These include allegations of sexual assault by Tara Reade, inviting a transgender influencer who bares their breasts on the White House lawn, sniffing and fondling children and women, and presiding over a decline in decorum in Washington. The author also accuses Biden of rewriting Title IX into an attack on girls and women and allowing his staff to refer to Trump as “Hitler Pig.”

Further examples of Biden’s lack of decency are provided, such as cursing out staff and refusing to acknowledge his out-of-wedlock grandchild until forced to do so. The article also criticizes Biden for failing to provide Secret Service protection to Bobby Kennedy Jr., despite threats against him, and for botching the withdrawal from Afghanistan, resulting in the deaths of 13 service members.

The author argues that voting for Joe Biden does not equate to voting for decency, despite the media and celebrity portrayal of him as such. The article concludes by discussing the issue of marijuana legalization, which Biden has promised to address. The author argues that the legalization of marijuana is a disaster, citing scientific evidence that it triggers psychosis, especially in genetically vulnerable individuals.

Overall, the article presents a critical view of Joe Biden’s portrayal as a “decent” president and challenges the media and celebrity narrative surrounding him. It highlights his actions and statements that contradict this portrayal and raises concerns about his policies, such as marijuana legalization.

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