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Growing Up with New Emotions: “Inside Out 2” World Premiere Excites Fans

“Inside Out 2” Premieres at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Bringing New Emotions to the Big Screen

The highly anticipated sequel to Pixar’s beloved film “Inside Out” made its world premiere at the iconic El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Monday. “Inside Out 2” comes nearly a decade after the release of the original film, with the characters and audience having aged along with it.

One of the standout changes in the sequel is that Riley, the protagonist, has grown up from a young girl to a teenager. This shift introduces a whole new set of emotions for Riley and the audience to explore, including the prominent emotion of anxiety. Maya Hawke, who lends her voice to this new emotion, expressed her admiration for the film, stating, “It’s hard to do a good sequel, and I think they crushed it. I love the original, and I don’t know if anything will ever compare to that for me, but this movie I think is amazing on its own.”

The film’s voice cast also includes Amy Poehler, who voices Joy, the central emotion in both films. Poehler praised Pixar’s genius and the universal appeal of the franchise, saying, “It’s Pixar. They’re geniuses. Everybody loves this movie. The first one won an Oscar, babe, and the second one’s just as good.”

Interestingly, Kensington Tallman, who voiced Riley in “Inside Out 2,” shared that she was going through adolescence herself while recording her lines. This personal connection allowed her to authentically portray Riley’s complex emotions of anxiety, envy, ennui, and embarrassment. Tallman explained, “I was really trying to find the balance of joy and anxiety, which Riley was as well.”

The voice cast also includes June Squibb, who portrays Nostalgia in the film. Squibb reflected on her own teenage years and the challenges of navigating intense emotions, stating, “A teenager has all these feelings and problems and, you know, they’re dealing with so much. I can still remember that period in my life.”

Adding a touch of humor to the mix, Lewis Black, who voices Anger, jokingly warned parents that their kids would want to watch the film repeatedly. He exclaimed, “And good luck trying to leave with the kid because the kid will want to watch it again. It’s a remarkable work.”

“Inside Out 2” is set to officially open in theaters on Friday, June 14. As Pixar’s parent company, Disney is thrilled to bring this highly-anticipated sequel to audiences around the world. With its relatable themes, engaging characters, and expert storytelling, “Inside Out 2” promises to capture the hearts of both old and new fans alike.

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