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Pennsylvania Teenager Sets State Record with Massive White Perch Catch

Pennsylvania Teen Breaks State Fishing Record with Massive White Perch

In an extraordinary fishing adventure, 19-year-old Christopher Barrett from Mohnton, Pennsylvania, achieved a lifetime milestone by reeling in a white perch that shattered the state’s previous record. Accompanied by his father, Barrett made the remarkable catch back in April, weighing in at an impressive two pounds and one ounce. This surpassed the previous white perch record in Pennsylvania by five ounces.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) officially recognized Barrett’s achievement in a press release on June 7. According to the statement, the father and son were on a fishing boat when they reached the Delaware River, just below the Commodore Barry Bridge near Chester, after navigating Darby Creek. Equipped with heavy-duty spinning rods fitted with fish finder rigs and circle hooks baited with bloodworms, the duo primarily aimed to target striped bass and catfish but found themselves catching white perch as well.

Around 11 a.m., Barrett’s reel suddenly brought in a particularly large perch that caught both anglers’ attention. Measuring 14.125 inches long with a girth of 12.25 inches, the size of the fish was immediately noticeable to the father and son. Overwhelmed by their impressive catch, they decided to check if it could potentially break any records. Much to their surprise, the fish weighed two pounds and three ounces on their own scale, surpassing the existing state record of under two pounds.

Upon further examination by officials, it was discovered that the fish was actually two ounces lighter than initially thought. Nonetheless, it still broke the previous white perch record set in 2008. When asked about his success, Barrett credited a combination of skill, luck, and timing for his accomplishment. He also mentioned that the fish’s weight was partially due to it being full of eggs.

Expressing gratitude for his record-breaking catch, Barrett revealed that he plans to preserve the memory by sending the perch to a taxidermist. However, the greatest joy for him lies in sharing this unforgettable experience with his father. Fishing together has always been their favorite activity, and this remarkable achievement has solidified their bond even further.

Christopher Barrett’s story serves as a testament to the thrill and fulfillment that fishing can bring. It exemplifies how a simple hobby can create lasting memories and strengthen relationships.

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