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Residents of Sierra Meadows Apartments in Humble, Texas, Forced Out for Months Due to Mold Issues

Serious mold issues have forced residents of a senior living property in Humble, Texas, to be out of their apartments for more than six months. The residents are eager to return to their apartments but also want the repairs to be done correctly this time. They believe that the shoddy work done in the past is the reason they are facing this situation now. One resident, Vicki Shubin, who has lived at Sierra Meadows for about 10 years, remembers how beautiful the property was when she first moved in, with beautiful grounds and trees.

Although the Sierra Meadows apartments may not look bad from the outside, the inside is causing significant problems. Resident Ava Washington recalls how a mold inspector informed her last fall that she had to leave her apartment immediately due to mold issues. Washington had been complaining to the management about a bad smell in her apartment for over a year. By September of last year, the situation worsened when she discovered mold on the walls and flooring of her unit.

Many residents, including Shubin, believe that their apartments were not properly remediated after burst sprinkler pipes during the winter storm of 2021 caused extensive water damage. Shubin suspects that several apartments, including Washington’s, were not fixed correctly. While Shubin moved back into her apartment, she remains concerned about its safety based on the results of a mold test conducted in the fall. The test indicated that mold remediation was needed in various areas of her unit.

The Harris County Housing Authority (HCHA) declined an on-camera interview but responded to questions via email. They stated that they expect all renovation projects to be completed by May 15 and are working on a mold mitigation plan for over 70 other affected apartments. Allied Orion Group, locally headquartered and managing the property on behalf of the housing authority, acknowledged the issues and expressed a commitment to providing quality living experiences for all residents. They apologized for the inconvenience caused and assured that they are working to expedite the process to get the residents back into their homes as soon as possible.

For Washington and the other affected residents, their request is simple: they want Sierra Meadows to be a safe place to live. They are concerned about the potential health risks of breathing in mold and want the issue to be resolved quickly and properly. Living in a mold-infested environment is uncomfortable and can potentially shorten their lives. The residents are hopeful that the authorities will take ownership of the problem and address it promptly.

In conclusion, the residents of Sierra Meadows in Humble, Texas, have been displaced from their apartments for over six months due to serious mold issues. They are eager to return home but want the repairs to be done correctly this time. The housing authority and property management company have acknowledged the problems and are working to complete the renovations and address the mold issues. The residents are hopeful that their concerns will be addressed, and they can return to a safe living environment soon.

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