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Couple Finds Genie Lamp and $1.2 Million in Texas Desert After “Seinfeld” Clue

Title: New Mexico Couple Strikes Gold with Genie Lamp Found in Texas Desert

Treasure Hunting Game Inspired by Seinfeld Leads to a Life-Changing Discovery


A New Mexico couple, Ron Novak and Michelle Bush, embarked on a thrilling adventure to hunt for a hidden genie lamp worth three wishes and $1.2 million. This unique treasure-hunting game, organized by Treasure Games, offered the winners the choice between a hefty cash prize or the ability to make their dreams come true. After spending over two months searching for the lamp in Dallas, the couple’s perseverance paid off, leading to an extraordinary find.

Unearthing the Hidden Clue:

Ron and Michelle made three separate trips to Dallas in their quest for the genie lamp. On their final trip, they decided to extend their stay by an additional day, sensing they were getting closer to their goal. The couple soon realized that a crucial clue related to an episode of the popular sitcom “Seinfeld” would be the key to their success. The exact clue from the show remains undisclosed, leaving fans intrigued.

The Life-Changing Moment:

Their dedication ultimately led them to uncover the coveted genie lamp, leaving them in a state of shock and disbelief. Rather than opting for the $1 million cash prize, Ron and Michelle chose to accept the three wishes worth $1.2 million. This decision allowed them to fulfill both personal and altruistic desires.

Granting Wishes and Giving Back:

In a heartwarming gesture, the couple used their first wish to donate a substantial amount of money to the Hare Krishna Food for Life Group, an organization that had once assisted Ron during his time of homelessness. This act of generosity held immense significance for Ron, who had previously been reliant on others for support.

Their second wish involved purchasing and renovating the Southwest Motel in their hometown of New Mexico. By investing in this project, Ron and Michelle aimed to contribute to their community’s growth and prosperity.

The couple’s third and final wish was centered around their four beloved dogs. They requested a spacious Sprinter van that could comfortably accommodate their furry companions. This playful wish brought joy and laughter to Ron and Michelle, reflecting their deep bond with their pets.

Inspired to Share the Joy:

Ron and Michelle were so delighted by their treasure-hunting experience that they are planning to organize their own game for others to enjoy. They envision a more accessible and shorter scavenger hunt, designed to be completed within a weekend or a week. The couple’s enthusiasm is contagious, and they look forward to spreading the joy of adventure and discovery.

Continued Treasures Await:

Treasure Games has announced its second Wish Lamp hunt, set to commence in June with a grand prize of $1 million. Participants can sign up for a subscription fee, which varies depending on the value of the prize. Subscribers will receive daily clues pointing them towards the hidden lamp. This inclusive competition is open to individuals aged 13 and above, offering everyone a chance to embark on their own life-changing journey.


Ron Novak and Michelle Bush’s extraordinary journey serves as a reminder of the power of perseverance and the joy of discovery. Through their adventure, they not only secured a significant monetary reward but also found fulfillment in giving back to their community and cherishing their furry companions. The upcoming treasure hunt organized by Treasure Games presents an exciting opportunity for others to experience the thrill of the chase and possibly uncover life-changing treasures of their own.

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