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Police Report: Closure of I-45 for Several Hours Following Fatal Collision with Stalled Vehicle

Tragedy Strikes on I-45: Fatal Collision Causes Hours of Gridlock

In a devastating incident on Thursday morning, a fatal collision involving a pedestrian forced the closure of the I-45 Gulf Freeway in La Marque, Texas. The accident occurred when the driver of a stalled vehicle attempted to cross the mainlanes to the other side, only to be struck by multiple vehicles. With no emergency shoulders available due to ongoing construction, the driver had no choice but to remain on the freeway, exacerbating the traffic congestion.

The closure of both northbound and southbound lanes near FM-519 lasted for several hours, causing frustration and delays for countless motorists. ABC13 cameras captured the scene, revealing a sea of stranded vehicles and occupants who had been trapped for over three hours. Among those affected were employees of UTMB Health, who recounted their experiences of being stuck on the freeway.

Chanel Travino, a UTMB employee, shared her ordeal, stating that she arrived at 6:18 a.m. to find the traffic already backed up. Some drivers had been there since 6:05 a.m., highlighting the severity and duration of the congestion. While some managed to reach nearby islands and continue their journeys, many doctors and healthcare professionals found themselves caught in the gridlock.

Finally, around 10 a.m., vehicles began to slowly move again as authorities directed them down the entrance ramp in the wrong direction. This unusual measure was necessary to alleviate the traffic buildup and provide some relief to frustrated motorists. As an alternate route, drivers were advised to take Highway 3.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of emergency shoulders on highways, particularly in construction zones. With nowhere to pull over safely, the stranded driver became vulnerable to oncoming traffic, resulting in a tragic loss of life. As construction continues in the area, authorities must prioritize the inclusion of emergency shoulders to prevent similar incidents in the future.

For those seeking real-time traffic updates and alerts, ABC13 offers a range of resources. By following reporter Chaz Miller on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, users can stay informed about traffic conditions and find alternative routes. Additionally, the ABC13 app provides traffic alerts directly to your phone, allowing you to manage your notifications and navigate Houston’s roads with ease.

As the investigation into the fatal collision continues, it is crucial that authorities take swift action to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike. By implementing necessary changes and improvements, tragedies like this can be prevented, and our highways can become safer for all.

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