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CNN Releases Compelling Video and Interviews that Contradict Pentagon’s Assertions on Afghan Airport Bombing

CNN has released new footage and interviews that contradict the Pentagon’s assertions regarding the 2021 Kabul airport bombing. The video shows movement of U.S. Marines following the bomb’s detonation and includes audio suggesting several more bursts of gunfire than previously acknowledged by the U.S. military reviews. Experts have analyzed the footage and determined that there were actually 11 bursts of gunfire, totaling a minimum of 43 shots. This contradicts the Pentagon’s claim that all casualties were the result of the blast and wounds inflicted by the bomber’s suicide vest.

In addition to the new footage, CNN conducted interviews with sources who lived through the attack. Dr. Sayeed Ahmadi, director of the Wazir Akhbar Khan Hospital in Kabul, alleges that he found multiple instances of gunshot wounds among the casualties. The Department of Defense previously disputed these claims, stating that there was no definitive proof of gunshot wounds. However, Dr. Ahmadi has now come forward publicly to dispute this conclusion, stating that explosion injuries come with severe injuries and lots of holes in the bodies, while those who were shot had just one or two holes in the chest or head.

CNN also reported that some U.S. service members present during the attack heard gunfire and felt like they were being attacked. One Marine challenged the idea that his fellow Marines would have fired warning shots, stating that it wasn’t a direct order but a common understanding: no warning shots. The Department of the Navy generally prohibits the use of warning shots by its personnel.

The Pentagon recently released its supplemental review of the Abbey Gate attack, concluding that the attack was not preventable. However, this new CNN report raises questions about the conclusions reached by the Pentagon. The DOD and CENTCOM have not responded to requests for comment on the new footage and allegations raised by CNN.

It is clear that there are discrepancies between the Pentagon’s assertions and the evidence presented by CNN. The new footage and interviews challenge the narrative that all casualties were solely the result of the blast. The presence of gunfire and gunshot wounds raises concerns about the events surrounding the Kabul airport bombing. As more information comes to light, it becomes increasingly important to seek the truth and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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