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Actress Sophia Bush expresses admiration for her ‘breathtaking’ girlfriend Ashlyn Harris, reflecting on her fortune.

Actress Sophia Bush recently opened up about her unexpected romance with soccer star Ashlyn Harris in a heartfelt essay for Glamour magazine. The “One Tree Hill” alum revealed that she never expected to find love while going through a divorce from her ex-husband Grant Hughes. However, fate had other plans for her.

In her essay, Bush candidly shares her surprise at finding love with Harris. She admits that she didn’t see it until she saw it, emphasizing how easy it is to overlook something that has been right in front of you for a long time when you have never considered it as an option. The actress reflects on the fortune of discovering a deep connection with Harris, which came as a pleasant surprise in the midst of her mourning.

While Bush was navigating the difficulties of her high-profile divorce, Harris was also dealing with her own split from wife Ali Krieger. The two women initially met in 2019 and became friends, but it was during their time at the Cannes Lions Festival in France last summer that they bonded over their mutual hardships. This led to the blossoming of their romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, when news of their romance broke, Bush and Harris faced allegations of cheating. However, both women vehemently deny these accusations. They have also had to deal with violent threats and blatant lies in the midst of their newfound happiness. Despite these challenges, Bush remains steadfast in her love and admiration for Harris.

The actress refrains from discussing Harris’ divorce and the custody battle over her two children with Krieger. However, she does express deep admiration for Harris’ dedication to her kids, describing it as breathtaking. Falling in love with Harris has also helped heal some of Bush’s own childhood wounds and brought her closer to her own mother.

Although their relationship was confirmed by Page Six in October 2023, Bush and Harris didn’t make their first public appearance as a couple until March, when they attended Elton John’s annual Oscars bash together.

In conclusion, Sophia Bush’s essay for Glamour magazine provides an intimate glimpse into her unexpected romance with Ashlyn Harris. It is a story of love found in the midst of personal struggles, and it showcases the resilience and strength of both women as they navigate the challenges that come with being in the public eye. Despite facing criticism and false accusations, Bush and Harris stand strong in their love and admiration for each other, proving that true love can indeed conquer all.

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