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Opposition Leader Supports Musk’s Stance on Global Takedown Issue, Argues Against Australia’s Role as ‘Internet Police’

Opposition Leader Supports Musk’s Stance on Global Takedown Issue, Argues Against Australia’s Role as ‘Internet Police’

In a recent development surrounding the global takedown issue, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has taken a stance in support of X Corp owner Elon Musk. This puts him at odds with Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant, who sought an injunction against X after they refused to comply with her order to remove globally the videos of an alleged stabbing incident in western Sydney.

The controversy arose when the videos of the attack were live-streamed and quickly spread on social media platforms. Concerns were raised about the potential of these videos to incite violence or encourage people to join terrorist organizations. The Australian Federal Police argued in a hearing that the footage could indeed be used for such purposes.

However, Dutton disagrees with Grant’s demands for a global takedown. During a radio interview, he called her requests “silly” and argued that Australia cannot take on the role of being the “internet police of the world.” Dutton believes that while Australia can regulate what content is seen within its borders, it should not have the authority to influence what can be viewed overseas.

Dutton’s skepticism about Australia’s jurisdiction extending to other countries aligns with Elon Musk’s views on the matter. Musk had previously stated that Australian law cannot apply to other parts of the world. While Dutton acknowledges that Australian law can apply to content displayed or broadcast within the country, he is hesitant to extend this authority beyond its borders.

On the other hand, Deputy Leader Sussan Ley supports Grant’s actions and is disappointed with Musk’s response. She argues that X should obey the law and that the eSafety commissioner’s statements should not be ignored. Despite Dutton and Musk advancing similar arguments against Australia’s authority in other countries, Ley finds their position “patently ridiculous.”

This difference in opinion within the opposition party mirrors the broader divide within the Coalition. While many Coalition figures support Musk and oppose Grant’s actions, Nationals Senator Matt Canavan went as far as accusing the Prime Minister of launching a useless and ineffective campaign against the video. He believes that the video has gained more attention due to the overreaction from the government.

In response to the controversy, X Corp has claimed that it is complying with Australian law by restricting relevant content within the country and removing any content that praises or celebrates the attacks. This suggests that X is taking the necessary steps to address the concerns raised by the authorities.

The debate surrounding the global takedown issue highlights the complex challenges faced by governments and tech companies in regulating online content. It raises questions about jurisdiction, freedom of speech, and the role of tech giants in policing their platforms. As the issue unfolds, it is crucial for policymakers and industry leaders to find a balance that safeguards public safety without infringing on individual rights.

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