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Katy man claims self-defense in road rage incident after attempting to escape

Katy, Texas – In a shocking road rage incident, a Katy man has claimed self-defense after firing his rifle multiple times to escape a threatening situation. Arsid Kruja, the accused, admitted to firing the weapon but maintains that it was solely to protect himself.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday afternoon when Harris County Precinct 5 Deputies responded to a road rage incident in a Katy neighborhood. Kruja and the other driver were reportedly engaging in aggressive behavior, including brake-checking each other. As tensions escalated, the first driver followed Kruja to his home in the Katy area.

Feeling threatened and unsure of the other driver’s intentions, Kruja attempted to distance himself from the situation. “I tried to get away from him,” Kruja explained, alleging that the other driver initiated the brake-checking. He further expressed concern for his family’s safety, questioning whether the other driver was following him to harm them.

Eventually, Kruja parked his vehicle at his home, while the other driver parked down the street. However, moments later, Kruja emerged from his house brandishing a rifle and fired several shots at the other driver’s car, urging him to leave the neighborhood.

Consequently, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against Kruja, leading to his arrest. During his initial court appearance, Kruja appeared composed, although he admitted to feeling anything but calm during the incident. “It was a threat to me. I got chased down; I had to drive recklessly,” he confessed.

Kruja, originally from Albania and now a naturalized U.S. citizen, asserted that he acted to protect his home, younger sister, and parents from what he perceived as a genuine threat. While he clarified that his intention was never to kill or injure the other driver personally, he acknowledged that firing warning shots was still considered aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

After spending two nights in jail, Kruja posted bond and continues to maintain his innocence, firmly believing that he acted in self-defense. “I’m hoping I can beat it because I know me, I know I would never kill someone. I know I would never hurt anyone,” he affirmed.

The case has sparked a debate about the boundaries of self-defense and the use of firearms in such situations. While some argue that Kruja’s actions were justified given the perceived threat and the need to protect loved ones, others contend that firing a weapon should only be a last resort when there is an immediate danger to life.

As the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen how the court will interpret the situation and whether Kruja’s self-defense claim will hold up. For now, Kruja awaits his fate, hoping that his actions will be understood in the context of protecting his family.

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