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“Equinox Launches $40,000-Per-Year Health Program for Longevity and Wellness”

Equinox, the high-end fitness chain, is launching a new program called “Optimize by Equinox” that aims to improve overall health and longevity. This program, which costs $40,000 per year, is part of the fast-growing market for longevity and wellness, where the fields of medicine, biotech, fitness, and nutrition are merging to slow down the effects of aging.

To create a personalized health plan, Equinox has partnered with lab-test startup Function Health. The program starts with a battery of tests that include 100 biomarkers to assess heart, liver, kidney health, metabolic and immune systems, cancer markers, and nutrients. Equinox also runs its own fitness tests. These tests are repeated twice a year.

Based on the test results, an Equinox “concierge” helps the member design a personalized plan. Each member is assigned a core team consisting of a fitness trainer, a nutrition coach, a sleep coach, and a massage therapist. The program includes three 60-minute training sessions per week with a top-level trainer, two half-hour sessions per month with a nutrition coach and a sleep coach, and one monthly massage therapy session.

Julia Klim, VP of strategic partnerships and business development at Equinox, compares the program to Formula One or athlete training, where a team of experts designs a program based on the collected data. Equinox has always focused on the pillars of longevity: movement, regeneration, nutrition, and community.

Equinox’s move into the broader health and wellness business is a major test for the company. It recently closed a $1.8 billion funding round and plans to open new clubs in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The company currently operates 107 locations globally.

The Optimize program will cost $3,000 per month for a minimum of six months. This fee does not include an Equinox gym membership. The program will initially be available in New York City and Highland Park, Texas, starting at the end of May and will eventually expand to other states.

Function Health, which aims to help people live “100 healthy years,” charges $499 for the tests of 100 biomarkers. The partnership with Equinox allows Function’s data to be applied in personalized health and fitness programs.

According to Jonathan Swerdlin, co-founder of Function Health, living a healthy life doesn’t just happen in a doctor’s office but in daily decisions and exercise. Equinox helps close the loop on this by providing personalized fitness and health programs.

In conclusion, Equinox’s Optimize program offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to improving overall health and longevity. By combining lab tests, fitness assessments, and a team of experts, Equinox aims to help its members make informed decisions about their health and fitness. While the program comes with a high price tag, it reflects the growing demand for longevity and wellness services among the affluent.

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