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AIPAC Urges Congress to Support Israel’s Operation as Biden Opposes Rafah Invasion

As skepticism grows in Washington regarding Israel’s planned invasion of Rafah, the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has been actively lobbying Congress to support the operation. AIPAC argues that invading Rafah is the only way to eliminate Hamas and claims that Israel has no other option. They state that there is no recent military example of defeating a force like Hamas in Rafah without entering the city. While officials in Washington, including President Joe Biden, have expressed opposition to Israel’s plan, AIPAC describes the invasion as a “limited operation” targeting Hamas. They also mention that Israel is encouraging Palestinian civilians to move into “humanitarian zones” to the north.

However, the reality of the situation contradicts AIPAC’s messaging. Horrific images of the ongoing bombings in Rafah have circulated, showing the devastating impact on civilians. The bombings have resulted in the deaths of innocent Palestinians, including children and pregnant women. Despite AIPAC’s claim that Israeli forces have taken steps to limit civilian casualties, the evidence suggests otherwise.

AIPAC also argues that the continued war in Gaza is necessary because Hamas refuses to surrender and free the hostages they are holding. However, it is worth noting that Hamas has offered to release all hostages if the Israeli Defense Forces refrain from invading Gaza. Unfortunately, the Israeli government rejected this proposal. Hamas has released some hostages during temporary ceasefires, but the Israeli military has also killed hostages during its operations.

In their talking points, AIPAC criticizes Hamas for accepting a ceasefire proposal that they claim was a “cynical ploy.” They argue that Hamas accepted their own proposal rather than one previously accepted by Israel. However, Israeli officials allege that the U.S. was aware of the negotiations and guaranteed to Hamas through mediators that a hostage deal would end the war. Despite these claims, AIPAC insists that Hamas is refusing to end the war by surrendering and freeing the hostages, thus justifying the need to invade Rafah and remove Hamas from power.

It is important to consider the perspectives of the hostage families in this situation. Chaim Rubenstein, a former spokesperson for the families, has stated that Hamas offered to release all hostages immediately if the Israeli Defense Forces did not invade Gaza. However, the Israeli government rejected this proposal. Rubenstein also criticizes Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for thwarting the release of hostages and not notifying hostage families about the risks posed by the invasion.

As the debate continues, it is crucial to examine the evidence and consider the impact of Israel’s planned invasion on innocent civilians. The conflicting narratives from AIPAC and other sources highlight the complexity of the situation and the need for a comprehensive and unbiased approach to resolving the conflict.

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