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Tom Brady and Jeff Ross: A Playful Roast or Genuine Tension?

Tom Brady and comedian Jeff Ross recently found themselves in a bit of a comedic clash during Netflix’s Roast of Tom Brady. Ross made a joke about New England Patriots CEO Robert Kraft, who had previously faced accusations of paying for sex at a Florida massage parlor in 2019. The joke involved Brady walking into Kraft’s office on his first day and offering him a massage. While Ross blew a kiss in Kraft’s direction and expressed his love for him, Brady took offense and approached Ross, warning him not to repeat the comment.

Despite the tense moment, Ross appeared on the Rich Eisen Show to clarify that Brady was not actually angry about the joke. According to TMZ, Ross insisted that Brady was simply having fun and showing his love for Kraft. He explained that Kraft is like a father figure to Brady, and the quarterback was happy to receive a shoutout from Ross. In fact, Ross revealed that he had a great conversation with Kraft after the incident, and the Patriots CEO loved the joke.

Nikki Glaser, another comedian who took shots at Brady during the roast, shared her thoughts on the situation during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. She mentioned that Ross was “a little bit worried” after making the joke about Kraft. Glaser explained that comedians often consider the impact of their jokes and whether they may have hurt someone’s feelings. However, she believed that Brady’s reaction was performative and done in support of Kraft, so she didn’t think it would be an issue for Ross.

While representatives for Brady did not respond to Decider’s request for comment, it seems that the tension between him and Ross was more of a lighthearted moment than a serious feud. The Roast of Tom Brady is currently available for streaming on Netflix, allowing viewers to witness the playful banter firsthand.

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