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Potential Added Benefit for Rangers if They Successfully Achieve a Sweep

The New York Rangers are on the verge of achieving a sweep in their first-round playoff series against the Washington Capitals, and it could have significant benefits for the team. Not only would a sweep advance them to the next round with some much-needed rest, but it also helps to avoid the physical toll that comes with extended series.

The Rangers haven’t closed out a series in as few games as possible since their victory over the Atlanta Thrashers in four games back in 2007. This time around, they have the opportunity to do so against the Capitals in Game 4. A win would give them a few days off while the Hurricanes and Islanders continue their ongoing series.

Captain Jacob Trouba recognizes the importance of closing out the series quickly. He acknowledges that as the series goes on, it becomes more physically demanding and stressful. By securing a sweep, the Rangers can ensure their bodies get some much-needed rest before the next round.

The Rangers know firsthand the consequences of extended series. In 2022, they had to battle through back-to-back seven-game series against the Penguins and Hurricanes to qualify for the Eastern Conference final against the Lightning. Tampa Bay, on the other hand, had swept the Panthers and had over a week of rest. The fatigue caught up with the Rangers, and they ultimately fell to the Lightning.

The Capitals are facing their own injury concerns. Defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk was knocked out of Game 3 and has been ruled out for Game 4. On the other hand, Rasmus Sandin and Nick Jensen, who have been sidelined with injuries, participated in an optional practice and are expected to be game-time decisions.

Overall, a sweep would be a significant achievement for the Rangers. Not only would it advance them to the next round, but it would also provide them with much-needed rest and help them avoid the physical toll of an extended series. As they aim for a long playoff run, closing out the series quickly could be the key to their success.

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