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Packers fan deeply troubled by Jordan Morgan’s NFL draft selection

In a surprising turn of events at the 2024 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers selected offensive tackle Jordan Morgan with their No. 25 pick. While many fans rejoiced at the prospect of bolstering their offensive line, one particular Packers supporter was left deeply troubled by the selection.

As the commissioner, Roger Goodell, announced the pick, the cameras panned to a fan in the audience who was wearing a Jordan Love jersey and a cheese head. The fan’s stunned expression and wide-open mouth spoke volumes about his disappointment in the team’s decision. To add insult to injury, the surrounding fans pointed and laughed, making the moment all the more humiliating for the disheartened fan.

Commentators on the broadcast couldn’t help but notice the fan’s lack of enthusiasm for the Jordan Morgan pick. Mike Greenberg remarked on the fan’s expression, noting that “that particular cheese head doesn’t seem excited.” It was evident that this particular Packers fan was not thrilled with the selection and appeared visibly distraught.

While it remains unclear who the fan would have preferred as the team’s pick, it is evident that they were not pleased with Jordan Morgan joining the Packers. However, not everyone shared the same sentiment as this fan. Veteran offensive lineman David Bakhtiari, who is currently a free agent, took to social media to show support for Morgan. Bakhtiari wished him good luck and urged him to represent the position, town, and team with pride.

Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III also chimed in with his thoughts on the pick. Griffin expressed his belief that Jordan Morgan is the perfect replacement for Bakhtiari on the offensive line. He praised Morgan’s size, intelligence, and talent, and predicted that he would develop into a starter quickly. Griffin’s endorsement of Morgan reassured many fans who may have initially questioned the pick.

Despite battling injuries during his time at Arizona, Jordan Morgan started an impressive 37 games. This experience on the field, coupled with his All-Pac-12 honors and impressive performance in 2023, likely played a significant role in the Packers’ decision to select him. While the fan in question may not have been pleased with the pick, it’s evident that the team and several notable figures within the football community see great potential in Jordan Morgan.

The 2024 NFL Draft continues to surprise and excite fans across the nation. As teams make their picks and fans react with a mix of excitement and disappointment, it’s clear that the draft is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Only time will tell how Jordan Morgan’s career with the Green Bay Packers will unfold, but for now, fans can only hope that he lives up to the expectations set for him.

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