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Mike Francesa shares doubts about Tom Brady’s potential as a successful NFL broadcaster on Fox

In a recent episode of his podcast, Mike Francesa expressed doubts about Tom Brady’s potential as a successful NFL broadcaster. Brady is set to join Kevin Burkhardt as the analyst on the top Fox Sports announcer team this season. Francesa was asked by a listener if he thinks Brady will be any good, to which he responded, “No. I don’t.” Francesa believes that Brady’s heart and personality are not suited for the role and that he lacks the unique qualities required to excel as an analyst.

Francesa explained that being an analyst in football is a tricky job because it involves spending a lot of time analyzing replays and breaking down what happens on the field. Additionally, a successful analyst needs to be personable and glib in their delivery. Francesa does not believe that Brady possesses these qualities, stating, “I don’t see him there.”

One factor that Francesa believes will impact Brady’s ability to succeed as a broadcaster is his ownership stake in the Raiders. He argues that this will have an influence on how Brady is perceived by viewers and may hinder his ability to be objective and unbiased in his analysis.

Francesa contrasted Brady with another former player-turned-analyst, Peyton Manning. He believes that Manning would have been a great analyst but is even better as himself on “ManningCast.” Francesa commended Manning for his TV personality and his ability to excel in various media roles.

While Francesa admitted that his predictions on who will be good on TV are not always accurate, he did acknowledge that he has come around on Troy Aikman. Initially, Francesa did not think Aikman had the personality to be a terrific analyst. However, he has since recognized Aikman’s unique approach and sense of humor, which have made him successful in his role alongside Joe Buck on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

In conclusion, Mike Francesa is skeptical about Tom Brady’s potential as a successful NFL broadcaster. He believes that Brady’s lack of passion and personality, combined with his ownership stake in the Raiders, will hinder his ability to excel in the role. While Francesa’s predictions on TV success are not always accurate, he has recognized the success of other former players-turned-analysts, such as Troy Aikman. Only time will tell if Brady can prove Francesa wrong and find success in his new broadcasting career.

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