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Jamaal Bowman, Representative of ‘Squad,’ Alleges Racist Accusations by Pro-Israel Group Supporting Opponent

In a recent virtual town hall meeting, Representative Jamaal Bowman, a member of the progressive group known as the “Squad,” made serious allegations against the pro-Israel organization AIPAC. He claimed that the group, which is supporting his Democratic primary opponent George Latimer, is racist and has been engaging in tactics such as lying about his record and calling him antisemitic.

Bowman, who is black, believes that AIPAC is targeting him because they disagree with his style and radical views. He even went as far as to say that they would use racial slurs if they thought they could get away with it. However, AIPAC denies these claims and argues that they support candidates based solely on their stance on the US-Israel relationship.

This is not the first time that Bowman has made controversial statements about Israel. In the past, he referred to the country as an “apartheid state” and initially dismissed reports of rapes and child murders during Hamas’ terror attacks as a “lie.” Although he later backtracked on these statements, he has accused Israel of “genocide” in response to Hamas’ invasion of the Gaza Strip.

The fact that AIPAC is supporting George Latimer in the primary race highlights the ideological differences between the two candidates. Latimer has received endorsements from pro-Israel advocates and aims to unseat Bowman, who has been a two-term incumbent. A recent poll conducted by the pro-Latimer group Democratic Majority for Israel showed Latimer leading Bowman by 17 points among Democratic primary voters. However, Bowman’s campaign has dismissed this poll as unreliable.

Bowman’s virtual town hall meeting was attended by fellow “Squad” members Ilhan Omar and Pramila Jayapal, as well as representatives from the progressive group Our Revolution. The Congressman used this platform to criticize the US for what he described as “plantation capitalism” and a “caste system” that keeps minorities like him down.

These allegations and controversies surrounding Bowman’s campaign have drawn attention to the primary race in the 16th Congressional District, which encompasses parts of Westchester County and the Bronx. As a member of the “Squad,” Bowman’s campaign has garnered support from progressive voters, but AIPAC’s backing of Latimer shows that there are differing opinions within the Democratic Party when it comes to the US-Israel relationship.

As the primary election date approaches, it remains to be seen how these allegations and controversies will impact the race. Both Bowman and Latimer have their own bases of support, and it will ultimately be up to the voters in the district to decide who will represent them in Congress.

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