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“Inside the Frenzy: A Sneak Peek into Kirstie Alley’s Estate Sale”

Sophie Schiff, a Florida antiquer, found herself unexpectedly in line with hundreds of fans of the late Kirstie Alley at an estate sale in Clearwater. Schiff, who runs a part-time antique and vintage thrifting business called Irving Road with her sister, received a last-minute tip to attend the sale. Although not a fan of Alley, Schiff recognized her name when she looked her up. The sale was held in a warehouse rather than Alley’s former house, which had been sold a year ago.

The estate sale attracted a large crowd, and Schiff noticed that people in the Clearwater area seemed to be aware that it was Alley’s belongings being sold. The setup included sections for clothes and shoes, garden items and animal cages, and a well-decorated kitchen section. However, due to the stiff competition and heavy security, Schiff was unable to get close to many of the items she had hoped to purchase.

Competition for Alley’s possessions was fierce, with attendees aware ahead of time that the sale featured the former star’s belongings. Some items were quickly snatched up, such as a collection of Staffordshire dogs figurines and artwork. Despite the frenzy, many items were reasonably priced, starting at just $1. For example, a bar cart that resembled Chanel was priced at $1,500, which Schiff considered a good deal compared to its online price of $5,000.

The clothing section featured pictures of Alley wearing the items alongside the pieces themselves, giving buyers a glimpse into her TV shows, red carpet events, and how she used certain items in her home. While some attendees aimed to leave with something from Alley’s estate, even if it was just a pot or a single knife, others were interested in the labeled boxes that held her china sets or kitchen items.

Schiff documented scenes from the busy sale on TikTok, which went viral and sparked debates about Alley’s personal life and decisions. For Schiff, the main attraction was the pretty decor, and she ended up purchasing a couple of Fenton glass pieces, single plates, and miscellaneous kitchenwares.

Overall, the estate sale provided an opportunity for fans and antique enthusiasts alike to acquire items from Kirstie Alley’s life. The reasonable prices and unique pieces made it an enticing event for many, even if they weren’t necessarily fans of the late star.

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