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Beware of High Water: Road Closures and Safety Tips for Houston Drivers

Recent Flooding Causes Road Closures in Houston Area

Houston, Texas experienced significant flooding recently, leading to road closures and hazardous conditions for drivers. It is crucial for residents to be aware of these closures and avoid driving through high water to ensure their safety.

High Water Locations and Road Closures:
Several areas in Houston have been affected by the flooding. US 59 near Choates Creek in Polk County is closed in both directions due to high water. Additionally, there are other trouble spots that should be avoided.

The Importance of Turning Around:
When encountering high water on the roads, it is critical for drivers to turn around and not attempt to drive through it. This action can save lives and prevent dangerous situations. Remember, “Turn around, don’t drown.”

Specific Road Closures:
Here are the current high water locations and road closures reported by Houston Transtar:

1. FM-2854 Eastbound at Loop 336: All mainlanes closed since Thursday at 9 a.m.
2. IH-69 Eastex Northbound at San Jacinto River: Frontage Road U-turn closed since Thursday at 9 a.m.
3. IH-69 Southbound At SH-99 Lanier Pkwy to FM 1314: Three frontage lanes closed since Friday at 5 p.m.
4. IH-69 Eastex Southbound At Townsen: Two frontage lanes closed since Friday at 8:30 p.m.
5. IH-69 Eastex Southbound At San Jacinto River: Frontage Road U-turn closed since Thursday at 9 a.m.
6. FM-2920 Eastbound At Calvert Rd to Park Ct: All mainlanes closed since Thursday at 9 a.m.
7. FM-2090 Westbound At IH-69: All mainlanes closed since Friday at 6 a.m.
8. IH-69 Southbound At FM-2090: Three frontage lanes closed since Friday at 6 a.m.
9. FM-1484 Northbound At Highcrest Dr/ Lake Rollingwoods: All mainlanes closed since Thursday at 9 a.m.

Additional Road Closures:
In addition to the reported closures, the Humble Police Department has closed the southbound service road of US Highway 59 at Townsen Boulevard due to high water. The bridge on West Lake Houston Parkway and Atascocita is also closed, according to the Houston Office of Emergency Management.

Efforts by Local Authorities:
Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez has reported high water on the North Grand Parkway West/FM-290 on the westbound feeder in the north county. Authorities have taken action by moving vehicles and replacing barricades in the area to ensure public safety.

Flooded Roadway in Highlands Area:
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has reported a flooded roadway in the 500 block of Highlands Shores Drive in an east Harris County neighborhood. Residents should exercise caution and avoid this area until the water recedes.

The Dangers of Driving in Flood Waters:
Driving in flood waters is extremely dangerous, as shown in the video below. It is essential for drivers to understand the risks involved and prioritize their safety by avoiding flooded roads.

Houston residents should stay informed about the current road closures and high water locations in order to plan their routes accordingly. By heeding the advice of local authorities and avoiding driving through flooded areas, individuals can protect themselves and prevent unnecessary accidents. Stay safe and be cautious while navigating the affected areas.

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