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Accidental activation of fire suppression system reported at Malden gas station – WHDH 7News provides details on Boston News, Weather, and Sports.

A chaotic scene unfolded in Malden, Massachusetts, as a fire suppression system accidentally activated, leaving a gas station drenched in a thick layer of white powder. WHDH 7News was on the scene to provide the public with all the details surrounding this unexpected incident.

The Snap Mart, located on Main Street, became the epicenter of this unfortunate event. Anysia Kenney, who happened to be at the gas pump when the system was triggered, found herself at the center of the chaos. The unexpected activation caused her to rush to the emergency room, where medical professionals treated her face with saline solution to remove the irritating chemicals. Kenney reported feeling discomfort in both her skin and lungs due to the powder.

At present, it remains unclear what caused this fire suppression system mishap. Authorities have not released any additional information related to the incident. As such, residents and business owners in the area are left wondering how such an accident could occur.

This developing news story has captivated the attention of local residents and has become a hot topic of conversation in Malden. With no conclusive answers as to why the fire suppression system was triggered, speculation runs rampant. Concerns about the safety and reliability of these systems have been raised, prompting individuals to question whether proper maintenance and inspections are being carried out.

The gas station, now coated in a thick layer of white powder, stands as a visual reminder of the chaos that ensued. One can only imagine the inconvenience and disruption caused to both customers and employees of the Snap Mart. However, it is fortunate that no major injuries or damages were reported as a result of this accidental activation.

As news continues to unfold, 7NEWS urges its viewers and readers to stay tuned for further updates. The investigation into this incident is ongoing, and any new information that may shed light on the cause of this mishap will undoubtedly be shared with the public.

In conclusion, Malden experienced an unexpected turn of events as a fire suppression system accidentally activated at a local gas station. Anysia Kenney, who was present during the incident, sought medical attention to alleviate the discomfort caused by the powder. With no clear explanation for the system’s activation, questions arise regarding its maintenance and safety. As the investigation continues, 7NEWS remains committed to providing the latest details surrounding this developing news story.

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